Dom’s Saturday History Special, Week 1: Steelers vs. Ravens

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Well I honestly hope you fans enjoyed this little Saturday article I put together.  As stated in the Intro. I will be doing these articles every week during the regular season so I’m hoping that you can appreciate them.  I’m also sure that many of you are saying, “Well what about X game?  The Steelers and Ravens have played so many classics.”  Don’t fret, because the Steelers matchup against Baltimore again, and I already have ten games picked out for that week so I’m sure that the game you are referring to will be on that list.

Please comment on what you think of this little walk down memory lane that I have laid out here.  I’m very interested in what you Steeler Nation has to say, as well as read your thoughts and feelings about what you experienced during these games.  You the fans and readers are the most important part of this website and pleasing you is my #1 priority.   I am sure we are in for yet another classic tomorrow, so root hard and pay attention, because you could be watching history in the making.

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