Steelers MMQB: NFL Week 1 Wrap Up

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What we learned in Week 1 in the NFL:

  • Phil Simms kisses the ass of whoever is winning in the game he is calling
  • It’s going to be a long, painful season for the Colts without Peyton
  • Either Kansas City was a fluke last season or the Bills offense is dangerous
  • Cam Newton might have been underpaid at Auburn
  • Rex Grossman outplays Eli Manning and now thinks his crap don’t stink
  • The Cowboys late game mistakes give their first game to the Jets
  • It’s very difficult not to overreact either way after the first game

I would be thoughtless if I discussed Week 1 of the NFL season without mentioning the tributes and dedications for the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/01.  I spent the entire morning before the game crying like a baby from all of the coverage, especially with the reading of the almost 3,000 names of the victims of the attacks from that day.  Each 1:00 o’clock game was synchronized with a playing of “Taps” from Shanksville, Pa and Arlington National Cemetery.  Football field-sized flags were stretched across and held by servicemen and women and players and coaches from each teams as the National Anthem was played.  It was a bit difficult to move from the somber events of the morning to being hyped for a football game in the afternoon. But I would like to take this opportunity to show appreciation for the over 5,000 soldiers and sailors who have sacrificed their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and the more than 2 million who have enlisted or been commissioned since 9/11/01 to ensure that we have the opportunity to go from those feelings of sadness and commemoration to excitement and frustration as we spent our afternoons screaming at our televisions.

A few things stood out to me in the other games that were played before I dive into the performance of the Steelers against the Ravens.  One thing the NFL is known for is overreacting.  If a team loses their first game, they’re awful, they’re going to have an awful season and they might as well give up now.  If a team wins their first game, they’re going to the Super Bowl, they cannot be stopped, and this is the best they’ve ever played, in ever. Now I might contradict myself a little now but the Colts are in bad shape.  It seems as though their decision to sign Kerry Collins a protection for Peyton’s injury wasn’t criticized as much as it should have been.  This dude was sitting on his couch like a month ago and they brought him in at the end of preseason and handed him the offense that has been tailored to Peyton Manning since 1998 and I’m just not sure what they expected out of him.

One of the most surprising scores of the day was the 41-7 blowout Kansas City suffered at home to Buffalo.  Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick throws for 4 TD’s, but it’s one of those things where it’s too early to tell if that was Buffalo showing they will be surprisingly good this year or Kansas City showing how surprisingly bad they will be this year.  Cam Newton became the first rookie to throw for over 400 yards in his debut in a loss to Arizona.  While I’m not sure Newton is going to bring some wins to the Panthers right away, he sure will spark some excitement for an otherwise disappointing franchise.

Rex Grossman and the Redskins outplayed the Giants, and in a post-game interview he smugly said that he had quieted all his “haters”.  Calm down there Rexy.  FYI professional athletes; someone who criticizes your play based on how you’ve played in the past isn’t necessarily a “hater”.  Someone who says you suck, you’re ugly and your momma wears combat boots in the shower is a hater.  I’m a little tired of athletes playing the “they are just haters” card.  They need to learn the difference between being hated on and being criticized.

The build up for the Sunday night game in New York was overwhelming due to the 9/11 anniversary, as well as the hype between the Ryans.  The Cowboys had this game in hand until the 4th quarter when Romo accounted for a fumble and an interception, leading to a game winning 50 yard field goal by Nick Folk.  Rex Ryan acts as if he planned it all along, for Sanchez to make stupid mistakes the whole game in order for the set-up of a 4th quarter comeback.  It was still good to see the Cowboys lose though, especially since they were playing up the “America’s Team” quite a bit during this game which always irritates Steeler Nation.