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The NFL Hates Stee…Seahawks: Assign Controversial Super Bowl XL Referee to Steelers-Seahawks


I’ve been saying since I first started on this site that the NFL hates the Steelers Seahawks.  It seems that everything the NFL does, especially with its rule changes and punishments fixing of Super Bowl XL, the NFL is clearly out to get the Steelers Seahawks.  It couldn’t be anymore obvious that the NFL loves high powered offenses mediocre teams like the Steelers and does everything in its power to snuff out amazing teams like the Steelers more deserving Seahawks.

The NFL takes aim at players like James Harrison Matt Hasselbeck and make their lives a living hell.  Disproportionate fines and punishments for clean hits Phantom holding calls and horrible illegal blocking calls are a constant reminder to the team and to its fans that the NFL is in full control and should not be brought to accountability.  It’s enough to make any Steelers Seahawks fan want to storm Goodell’s castle and string him up until he admits that he has it out for the Pittsburgh Steelers fixed Super Bowl XL by having officials continually blow calls.

Hey Seahawks fans – the parallels of the arguments are kind of creepy, yet yours sound less probable and dumb.  Get over it.  I mean, the only way this could have any sort of irony is if the NFL were to assign the same referee in your Week 2 matchup against the Steelers as the one who officiated in the Super Bowl loss you can’t seem to get over.  Oh wait.  They did. HA!

That’s right Citizens of Steelers Nation.  Prepare to offer up a ’12th man flag’ (whatever the heck that is) as a hanky for all those Seahawks out there who will be whining and crying that the NFL purposefully assigned this referee just to ‘get them’ again.  Bill Leavy – the same referee who apparently blew several calls in Super Bowl XL (and admitted later on that he did) – will take the field with the two teams on Sunday.  And you can be sure that every single call from him will be put under great scrutiny by the goofs in green or aqua marine or teal or whatever color they are.  Great.  Even if the Steelers put up a convincing win this Sunday, we’ll never hear the end of it from idiots like Mike Sando.

Maybe the NFL is trying to right past wrongs.  Perhaps they see this as a moment of redemption for Leavy.  Well, whatever the reasoning or motivation (because the NFL had to be aware of the choices it made) I doubt Leavy will be the one to effect the outcome of the game.

It’s pretty enjoyable at the moment to think that those fans must be slapping their foreheads with a big ‘Doh!’  They have to be reeling over this one – The Seattle Times was the first one to report it.  Of course it was.  At least we won’t have to hear from Holmgren or Hasselbeck whine after this one.

Good luck, Seattle.  The NFL hates you.