Mike Tomlin Press Conference: Week 2, Seahawks


Naturally, all anyone wanted to hear about in this press conference was “being humbled” by the Ravens last Sunday. Since that’s all anyone is thinking about right now, I’m going to make two quick points, and then I will go over the talking points from Tomlin’s presser yesterday at noon.

1) The amount of ego it takes to go for it on 4th & 1 when you are up 29-7 and in the Red Zone (but not near the goal line) is staggering. If the Ravens were playing against another other team, and I mean any other team, they kick the field goal there. I was so happy to see James Harrison fight his way to making sure that low blow didn’t connect, but the act of it was nonetheless shocking and insulting. The Ravens will get what they deserve, if not from us then from someone else.

2) Anyone else notice how the Ravens’ second string running back ran for more yards (70) against our defense than Chris Johnson did last season? Yeah. Ouch.

Now on to the good stuff.

Tomlin opened his talk just about how you’d expect. He spent the entire time talking about how much talent there is in Seattle right now. How they have lots of young guys with “great pedigree” on their roster, and how he worked with T. Jack in MN. He rattled off just about every significant player from every significant position on their squad and by default showed us that at least he is doing his homework.

I have to admit, when I was listening to the presser, all I was thinking about was when was he going to address the Ravens game? I am glad that he spent time talking about the Seahawks because frankly, the way the Steelers played last Sunday, they could literally lose to anyone right now. Remember that Oakland game in 2009. Yep, if you take any team lightly you will get beat. At least that seems to be the way of the world.

That being said, Tomlin insisted that the Steelers did not go in to the game feeling any sort of sense of entitlement. He said that he certainly hopes they don’t need to be humbled, and that he feels it was simply a matter of poor execution. When asked about the plan to work in Larry Foote for James Farrior and if he was happy with the result Tomlin responded with,

"“We were not displeased with our plan, but you know, there’s not a lot to look back at that game and feel good about. We were intent on doing that, and we did, but other than that we are not pleased with how we played.”"

Ouchy. I pointed out on twitter during my second time through the game that the 20 yard pass play to Rice with 2:20 left in the 2nd was Foote’s blown coverage. There were other questionable coverage moments by him during the game as well, though I can’t go in to specifics at this time.

Tomlin confirmed that Legursky played well enough to keep his spot as a starter on the Oline. He had some rough moments blocking, as did the entire Oline that game, but I think Legursky will end up being a good fit there. Has some work to do, but he’s a fighter and will hopefully be a part in rebuilding this Oline. With Colon out for the season it looks like Gilbert will get a big shot to be a contributor per Tomlin. Tomlin said that they like Gilbert’s pedigree and that they got to see him play in a variety of positions while at Florida. He will get a big shot this weekend to show what he is made of.

When asked if there is anything positive to take away from the game on Sunday, Tomlin responded only with “Daniel Sepulveda punted the ball well.”

Well, thank god for that, huh? We signed a guy who has had two season ending injuries in his short career with the Steelers and he managed to make it through the first game of the season. Can’t really say as much about Colon, can we?

A new Tomlinism:

"“There is a fine line between drinking wine and squashing grapes. Obviously last weekend, we were grape squashers.”"

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