I'll put this disclaimer out there right now - I don't like Warren Sapp, and I never did..."/> I'll put this disclaimer out there right now - I don't like Warren Sapp, and I never did..."/>

Warren Sapp Accidentally Describes Himself When Talking About Pittsburgh Steelers


I’ll put this disclaimer out there right now – I don’t like Warren Sapp, and I never did.  And that jagoff said things last night that will put him in the dog house with ANY Citizen of Steelers Nation.  Unfortunately for him, he was actually describing himself… weird.

Let’s put the hapless ‘QB Killa’ into perspective.  This guy worked his way down the totem pole his whole entire career.  Crass, full of crap and seemingly with a chip on his shoulders Sapp never ceased to open his big mouth.  What irks me the most about this bloated windbag was when he decided to rustle the hornets nest of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans.

I’m sure many of you can remember the night well.  December 23, 2002.  The Pittsburgh Steelers were visiting the Bucs down at the RJ Stadium.  It was a big game considering the playoff spots the teams were fighting for.  The pre-game warmups were on and the Steelers were stretching and getting focused for the game.  And, out trolls #99.  Sapp decided to skip through the Steelers area where they were stretching.  Getting a little too close for comfort and being seen as an outright disrespectful move, Sapp gets shoved by Jerome Bettis (rightfully so).  A big argument between the two ensued and the two teams were ready to explode.  The Steelers took their aggression out on the Bucs by scoring 17 points in the first quarter and holding on to a 17-7 win.  The Steelers would win a third game in a row to take 1st place in the AFC North.  The Bucs got the last laugh and would become Super Bowl champs that year.

Sapp had and has an attitude problem.  He takes chap shots at players (ask Chad Clifton) and has a major disrespect for authority.  This oversized juvenile uses race (and beating people) as a way to defend his outbursts against game officials and league officials.  And quite frankly he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  He is irrelevant to the game of football.  The only reason why he is on places like Inside the NFL is because of his big mouth.

So what did Sapp say last night on said network that stirred the pot?  This:

"The Pittsburgh Steelers. I have three things: old, slow and it’s over. It’s just that simple."

Really?  How…. original.  How…. in depth.  Well put, Sapp.  Strange how it sounds as if you were looking into a mirror and describing what you saw.  Except you forgot a few adjectives about yourself – use your imagination.  Sapp followed up his tirade about himself by actually talking about the Steelers:

"James Harrison told us that he was 70-to-75%. It looked more like 40% to me if you are looking at the ballgame I was looking at. And Hines Ward, Mercedes Sapp can cover Hines Ward right now. You have to be kidding me…Mercedes is my 13-year-old daughter. She will cover Hines Ward in a heartbeat. And Troy Polamalu, Ed Dixon runs this crossing route. Troy Polamalu is trying to grab him to have a pass interference and he can’t even get close enough to grab him. (It) looked like he was dragging a wagon behind him. Touchdown Baltimore. Pittsburgh Steelers done."

Is he really critiquing them fairly?  Or is he a little jealous of Hines Ward winning Dancing With the Stars after he lost to Brooke Burke back in 2008?  And would Polamalu actually reach out to purposefully cause a pass interference?  Bottom line – cheap shots.  Same ol’ Sapp.  The bizarre part of tonight’s ‘debate’ had Phil Simms actually defending the Steelers.  Really?  After all that Raven ass kissing during the entire game, Simms has the gull to defend the Steelers. Weak.

Well thankfully, there are 31 other teams for the networks to talk about, and Sapp can release his BS on those teams and their players as well – not like anyone deserves his bloated biases.

I’ve just got three more things for Sappy: you’re old, you’re full of hot air and you’re done.  It’s just that simple.

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