Friday Poll: Should Pittsburgh Steelers Utilize No-Huddle Against Seahawks?


This Friday Poll focuses on Ben Roethlisberger’s words that the Steelers offense will use the no-huddle this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.  This comes off as a bit of a head scratcher in regards to its necessity.  Big Ben has run the no-huddle effectively in the past as he magically orchestrated come back after come back over his career.  But why now and why Seattle?

The Steelers offense wasn’t anemic against the Ravens last Sunday.  It just couldn’t hold onto the ball long enough because the offensive line could not pick up and defend blitzes well enough, therefore leading to Roethlisberger throwing interceptions and fumbles.  The Steelers ran the ball very effectively against the Ravens running for 15 designed plays and averaging 6 yards per carry.  Which is a shame because the team got into a whole so early that the running game quickly disappeared against a Ravens defense having a hard time defending the run.

Big Ben’s and Bruce Arians solution for this – running a no-huddle offense at times against Seattle.  I don’t know how often we’ll see it, but Ben’s been putting a big emphasis on all of us seeing it this Sunday making it seem like it will be a big part of the game.  How will this no-huddle work?  Will it include any running plays, or just consist of passing routes?  There are always pluses and minuses to the no huddle – one of the biggest cons for me is that you are close to curbing the running game and become dependent on the short slant routes.  Maybe the offensive line will ‘find a rhythm’ and block better – but if they don’t the short routes are are all Ben will have as options (unless Wallace or Brown can burn someone early).

The jury is out on this game plan for me.  So I ask you Steelers Nation: