Can the Steelers Stop the Seahawks’ Tight Ends and Backs?

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2.       Intimidation Early and Often

Lawrence Timmons should be intimidating the ever-loving Hell out of these TEs by chucking them at the L.O.S. by administering some nice shots to their ear holes when the game starts to send a message.  The lack of intimidation and swagger by the Steelers’ players was another huge thing that enraged me about last week’s game.  Nobody was getting in the face of Pitta, Dickson, and Rice and even letting them know that if they want to catch a ball in the middle of the field it will cost them a pretty penny.  The lack of scare tactics made Pitta and Dickson think they were the freakin second coming of Todd Heap out there, and boy did it show in their collective performance.

To allow guys like Lynch, Forsett, Washington, and most of all a Pro-Bowler like Zach Miller room to catch passes without any sort of consequences is inexcusable and could lead to some big plays in Seattle’s favor.  There’s a toll over the middle of the field, and to catch a pass the opposition must pay it.  Heck, at least chuck the TE when he is coming off the line of scrimmage to impede his route!  Timmons is the best LB in pass coverage that the Steelers have.  And while he may have had an off game against Baltimore, he was covering Ray Rice who may be the best pass-catching Back in the League.  Lawrence should be using his physical play to his advantage and destroying these TE’s and Backs that come into his area or that he is covering.  Make those jagoffs know that they aren’t welcome and that every time the ball is even thrown towards them they’ll be seeing stars.

If the N.F.L. is going to levy moronic fines for almost nothing and direct it at your team Pittsburgh, it’s probably smart and worthwhile to just get your money’s worth and make some old-school bone-shattering hits to scare the ever-loving crap out of the Backs and TE’s that want to be a part of the passing game. Timmons and his teammates that are responsible for these guys all day need to send messages of anger and aggression early and often.