Can the Steelers Stop the Seahawks’ Tight Ends and Backs?

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3.       Try to Leave Farrior and Woodley Out of Pass Coverage as much as Possible

I’ve always said that LaMarr Woodley looks like a morbidly obese child that is failing to chase down the ice cream truck when he is in pass coverage against Ends and Backs, and last week simply highlighted my point.  I’ve always thought Woodley was a bit overrated as a complete OLB, but now that his pass rushing ability has been lacking, he is more of a liability when he is on the field in pass coverage.  I was against the F.O. signing him to a long-term contract from the start because I feel that he underachieved during the 2010 season, his stats are accumulated in large part due to James Harrison being on the other side of him, he has been and always will be a sub-par in pass coverage, and once he is figured out as a pass rusher his career will enter a downward spiral.  I honestly hope that I am not correct and Woodley has a rebound performance because he was simply awful last week and difficult to watch.

As for Farrior, it pains me to say, but the guy is simply on his way to the glue factory.  I don’t even know if he’s a 2-Down player anymore at 36.  Granted he brings veteran leadership, but he is such a liability in pass coverage that Backs and TEs at this point in his career just eat him alive.  Bringing in a Nickel or even Dime back can’t hurt if they aren’t liabilities against the run.  Seattle’s O-Line is already banged up, and after last week’s performance against San Francisco on the ground (Lynch 13 carries for 33 yards), the Steelers may be able to afford selling the run despite a shoddy effort against Pro Bowler Ray Rice last Sunday.  Thus, an extra Defensive Back in can not only help against the pass, but also can create the potential for Corner and Safety blitzes in the game as well.  In addition, if the extra DB can cover the TEs or Backs, Timmons can be sent on blitzes and create matchup nightmares in Pittsburgh’s favor as well.


On paper the Steelers are the far superior team, and anybody that knows anything about football will tell you the same.  But as the adage goes about “Any Given Sunday,” Seattle still has a chance this weekend to exploit some pretty evident matchups in their favor.  I see the Steelers as hungry after that horrific loss of dumpster fire proportions to Baltimore and they should be ready to give the home crowd something to cheer about at Heinz Field.  If LeBeau and the Defense can chalk last Sunday’s dreadful effort as an anomaly and at least consider putting into action some of what I have listed above, the Steelers should have no trouble with Seattle.  However, I don’t expect the Seahawks to lie down and bend over and take what the Steelers will give them either.  Jackson is mobile enough in the pocket to make plays, and Seattle’s Special Teams could be an X-Factor in the game.  Overall talent, and a desire to make up for “The Charm City Massacre” will be enough to win in my opinion though and the Steelers should prevail to the tune of 30-17 or 30-20.  Yet if Seattle is able to exploit the Steelers’ Defensive weaknesses like Baltimore the game will be even closer and might even end in a Seattle upset victory.  I just feel though that now that the “world” is against the Steelers again, like early in the 2010 season, they’ll use the chip on their shoulder to their advantage.