Who is to Blame for the Steelers’ Offensive Woes? What Can Be Done to Cure Them?

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As I’ve stated before, the Offensive Line does deserve blame for the Steelers’ lack of success on Offense.  They are of vital importance to making this offense go and their shoddy play has cost this team at times.  They are by no means exempt from criticism and blame.  However, the Offensive Line as unit isn’t in any way at all responsible for calling ineffective, repetitive, and moronic plays that are a detriment to them, but most of all the guy that they protect.  With time to gel and more talent added to the Pouncey and Gilbert “Gator Group,” they could really solidify and become a stellar unit as a whole in the next couple of years.  But in the right now phase, steps need to be taken to hide their weaknesses which in turn help the Offense.  It’s Arians’ complete and full responsibility to make sure this Offense scores points and has success, and for the last 4+ years he has done a mediocre at best job of it.

I’ve often wondered what the Steelers’ Offense would be doing if Whisenhunt had the weapons that Arians has at his disposal.  Hell, I’ve wondered what the Steelers current Offense would be doing if somebody like Gary Kubiak, Brian Schottenheimer, or Charlie Weis were calling the plays.  Regardless, I’m not going to place the entirety of the blame on the Offensive Line.  Granted, they’re not good, but the Offensive system and the pathetic playcalling from the Offensive Coordinator does nothing at all to help anybody.  It’s up to Arians to do what he wants, but he shouldn’t hang his QB and his Offensive Line (that he knows is bad and can do things to help them) out to dry when other solutions for success are at hand.  If he wants to continue running the same stuff over and over again at the risk of Ben getting destroyed, nobody can do anything.  I just hope people at least blame him (and the negligent F.O.) if disaster occurs, and not those poor bastards that are currently assigned to block for Ben.

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