Some Relief: Max Starks Re-Signs with Steelers to Help Ailing Line


Numerous sources from the PPG and Trib confirm that Max Starks has re-signed with the Steelers early this morning.  Last week, it looked as if he could be lost for good as he worked out for the Minnesota Vikings.  But, nothing came of that, and he was still available to sign with the Steelers.

Starks was originally released by the Steelers because he was reportedly close to 400lbs. coming into training camp.  He had neck surgery that ended his 2010 season and gained weight from not being able to work out.  The Steelers, seeing an opportunity to gain some cap money due to this unfortunate turn of events for Stark, released him shortly after transactions opened up post-lockout.

This should come as a little bit of relief to an already ailing offensive line.  A I do just mean a bit.  Three starters from the beginning of the season are still listed as either questionable or out.  And, seeing that they were never that great to begin with, their eventual return doesn’t mean much.  It is unclear where exactly Starks will be placed on the line – he played both sides of Tackle during his tenure with the team.  Willie Colon beat him out at right tackle a few seasons ago, and so Starks was moved to left tackle by replacing an injured Marvel Smith.  There he stayed until his neck injury last season.

The Steelers released back up tackle Chris Scott to fit Starks on the roster.  The FO is finally making a move to better this line…. or at least trying to better this line instead of just shuffling current players around.  I still feel they need another move or two – Legursky needs replaced (even though he should be back this week) as does Jonathan Scott.  Where that will come from and if that will ever happen is left to be seen.  Knowing the reputation of this FO, I highly doubt in-season moves will be made unless another major injury takes place.

Reputation aside, they should stop treating their franchise quarterback like a red headed one legged step child and get some more protection in there.