Paralysis by Analysis: Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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Is There Any Good News?

Sure. Of course there is. There is always good news.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for the lead as the least penalized team in the NFL. They have had 19 penalties called against them in four games. That’s fewer than five penalties per game. Considering all the turmoil concerning penalties last year, this not a bad thing.

The Steelers actually are leading the league in passing yards allowed on defense. It’s really not that close. The Steelers are allowing 157.5 passing yards per game, which is more than 20 yards per game better than the second place team.

They have only allowed four passing touchdowns for the year. That is the third fewest passing touchdowns allowed on the season.

The schedule after this week eases slightly. The Steelers will host Jacksonville after the Titans, and then have a game out in Phoenix against the Cardinals. That having been said, unless something changes, Tom Brady will be in Pittsburgh on Oct. 30 looking to see if he can throw for more than 600 yards in a game.

Let’s all hope that the Steelers can remember how to pressure a quarterback over the next three games or you might as well cancel your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.


We can hope that Silverback being out will make the rest of the defense step their game up, but I don’t see how losing a player of Harrison’s caliber can ever be a good thing. Watch for Chris Johnson to put up at least 100 yards on the Steelers.

The Steelers have brought Max Starks back to play on the offensive line due to injuries. It’s good because he knows the system. It’s bad because if he were a better player, he wouldn’t have had to have been re-signed. There is a reason he was let go in the first place. Watch for the offensive struggles to continue. If the Steelers can match their average points per game (16) in this game, it will be a moral, if not actual victory.

Watch for the Steelers to lose this one: 28-13.