Mike Tomlin Press Conference – Week 6 – Jaguars


Injuries: Memo continues to work way back from high ankle sprain, questionable. Pouncey had a knee contusion during the game, he’s fine but may be limited a little this week. Worilds is questionable this week, as well as Casey Hampton and Marcus Gilbert. James Harrison is still out, and Aaron Smith will miss another game this week with his foot injury. Other guys will play through the injuries they have this week and get worked back in, such as Big Ben, Cortez Allen, and Rashard Mendenhall.

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Jonathan Scott will play RT if Gilbert is unable to go.

Tomlin said we looked good and made plays in all three phases of the game last Sunday. Tomlin attributes that to the ability to score touchdowns instead of kicking field goals early on in the game.

“Probably no one in football means more to his team than Maurice Jones Drew.” Tomlin spends a good couple of minutes talking about Pocket Hercules, and how the Steelers need to be ready for him both on the ground and in the screen game.

If Kemo can play, there is no guarantee that Legursky will keep the starting RG job. Foster is in that mix as well. Lawrence Timmons will remain at the OLB position this week. They are not too optimistic about Worilds’ return for this coming week. Sounds like they’re happy with how LT played anyway. Tomlin says BMac is still working to get back to 100% health. He has not been listed on injury reports lately, which is a curious happening. Tomlin says its a good problem to have that Keenan Lewis and William Gay have been stepping up and playing much better.

Redman played well given his first start, as did Dwyer, but in general Tomlin was more impressed by things like blocking, tackling and other general football stuff that those guys took care of. He says that’s more important to him than long runs. Well, I’m not so sure.

Tomlin was asked about the play where there was a false start penalty called, and then a late hit call on Ryan Clark just of the play. I remember tweeting something like “how can they call that? Wasn’t the play blown dead?” Tomlin basically asked himself the same question here saying that he’s still scratching his head over this. He believes that if we’re trying to make the whistle the end all be all, then a late hit should never have been called since it would not have happened had everyone stopped playing due to the whistle. I suppose it would be easy enough to argue both sides of this, but I’ll leave it at that.

"“We’ll leave a seat on the bus for him, if you know what I mean…”"

That was Tomlin’s response to a reporter asking for a time line on James Harrison’s recovery. He says the doctors say Harrison will be out for a month, but with guys wired like James, you just never know.

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