Steelers vs Jags 1st Half Recap: Dominance Marred by Legursky Injury


The Steelers needed to come out fast and big this week against the Jags in order to keep the momentum going and secure another win.  That has certainly happened, but without the cost of another offensive lineman.

The Steelers had another dominating first half against a ‘lesser’ opponent.  Young Jags’ QB Gabbert had a hard time managing the Steelers D and the crowd.  Woodley chased Gabbert most of the half and had a sack early on in the first quarter and another in the 2nd quarter.  It was great to see him back to form and excelling.  Keilsel (aided by coverage of secondary) and Farrior also got to Gabbert.

Big Ben had another strong first half.  The offense reached the redzone three times – scoring a TD on a Wallace catch in the endzone, a Mendenhall run and a field goal (after a dropped TD pass from Hines Ward).  Ben went 11/18 for 181 yards 1 TD and no interceptions (although he came close twice).  Rashard Mendenhall showed his old self from last season by rushing for 113 yards on 12 carries and 1 TD.  He busted out a 68 yarder that he almost took to the house.  Guess that hammy is fine and perhaps he heard some of those haters out there (me included).  That’s  294 yards of the 316 yards of total offense.

The only downfall of the first half was the injury to Doug Legursky.  The Steelers are 6 games for 6 on having someone from the offensive line get hurt.  Legursky went out with a left foot injury – his return is questionable.  This is lineup combo number 8 or something like that.  Let’s just hope that they can keep gelling well.  They have so far with their pocket protection for Ben and opening up holes for Mendy and Redman.  Tomlin needs to start dressing more than 7 OT’s.  Seriously.

Suisham’s missed FG is the only blunder of the first half – no wind going on at that end, so he should have made it.  Just don’t turn into a Jeff Reed…. And I didn’t really agree with Arians decision to let the clock run down once they got possession with 2:30 left in the half.

The Steelers will look to continue their dominance in the 2nd half.  As the case was last week, the Steelers should just keep pouring it on.  They have 3 more halves to perfect the offense and fine tune the defense before they face the Pats at home.  I know, one game at a time, but you can’t help but look deeper into the calendar.