Sounding Off Thursday: Are Steelers’ Vets To Blame For Lack Of Execution?


I was intrigued by one comment left by a reader in Brandt’s article from yesterday when it comes to playing with urgency.  The reader known as ZimmersHole alluded that the it could be the veterans, who have already won one or two Super Bowls with the team, are the ones who have a lack of that winning desire.  Is he right?

The Steelers roster this year has practically the same team returning from last season’s Super Bowl run.  But how many of these guys have already won rings from the Steeler’s two previous runs in 2005 and in 2008?  Looking back at the active rosters from those two season, 17 players on this year’s roster were on the roster back in 2005 and 21 players were on the roster back in 2008.  The 21 players from SB XLIII are almost 40% of the Steelers’ current roster.  A huge chunks reign on the defensive side – Farrior, Foote, Taylor, Hampton, Smith, Keisel.

So is this a problem for the Steelers?  Let’s move beyond the notions that the Steelers are too old.  They’ve shown brief moments of physical prowess and brilliance this season.  The skill is still there, there’s no doubt in my mind.  But is the desire and the urgency to prove oneself a world champion still there like they were just a few seasons ago?

What say you Nation?