Goodell and NFL Needs Own Head Examined


The latest fines have been doled out for the week.

Packers AJ Hawk – $10,000 for flipping the bird during a game (classy)

Texans Antonio Smith – $7,500 for pull off a helmet of an opponent (also classy and also dangerous)

Lions Brandon Pettigrew – $7,500 for chop block

Steelers Troy Polamalu – $10,000 for talking to wife on cell phone….. whaaaaaaaaaaaa?!!!???

Ah the NFL is at it again with it’s inability to differentiate fairness and absurdity.  I’m not going to harp long on this, but I am going to say this.

Roger Goodell is a bastard and is bat shit crazy for placing that high a monetary value in comparison to other offenses that have occurred during the week as well as this season.  He’s either that or he really truly hates the Steelers.  Either way, the Rooney’s should be on Goodell’s doorstep with a battering ram ready to bust the damn thing down.  This is complete and utter crap.  Smith and Pettigrew both violated player safety rules.  Hawk is just a classless nimrod.  Yet somehow Polamalu – who earlier was experiencing concussion like symptoms – talked to his wife on a cell phone from the sidelines to let her know he was ok and that somehow is more of an offense than the others?  How in God’s green football field is this fair/make sense/is justifiable.  And don’t even get me started on Harbaugh and Schwartz in relation to this.

Goodell better get his own head examined for ‘moron-like symptoms.’  I hope Polamalu appeals this fine.  I hope the Rooney’s take Goodell to task on this.  Well I hope that Polamalu takes the next call he gets on the sidelines, because it will be someone from Steelers Nation letting him know that they went and punched Goodell in the neck.