Is Bill Cowher Headed to Miami to Coach Dolphins?


This afternoon on, a story hit the pages that reports the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross are pursuing the former Steelers quarterback.

The Miami Dolphins have had a pretty horrendous start to the 2011 season under the guidance of Tony Sparano.  Their OT loss to the Broncos and young starter and professional genuflector, Tim Tebow, has all but put the final nail in Sparano’s coffin.  When he will be fired is yet to be determined, but the Dolphins would be stupid not to by December (the sooner they cut ties the better).  And it could be happening sooner than that – according to the Miami Herrald, Sparano has put his house up for sale.

Is Bill Cowher already jaw pushing Sparano out of town?  Doubtful.  So the question remains, if the rumors are true, will Cowher end up the Dolphin’s head coach?  I’m a bit on the fence about this one myself as to whether he will ever pull the trigger and go back to coaching.  Sources close to Cowher say that he loves his job at CBS – he’s still close to the game but with less attitude… unless you count Boomer.  Ok, so SHOULD he return to coaching as the Dolphins coach?  Well, if he can learn anything from his colleague over from the other network, the answer would be ‘no.’  Maybe he should call up Jimmie Johnson and ask him what he should do.

I think the big question for Cowher is – should he EVER get back to coaching?  My answer to that is ‘no.’  I know I know I know.  What am I saying?  Well, I like the guy too much and love his legacy he left with the Steelers too much for his coaching career to be tarnished by reentering the league.  At this point in time when the NFL is focusing entirely on maximizing offensive scoring – be it changing the rules or ‘player safety’.  That does not bode well for the type of coach Bill Cowher is.  His defensive and hard hitting style of coaching just won’t mix well with the rules and the fines that are just waiting to be doled out.  Just look at what his former team has been putting up with.  Cowher helped maintain and grow that tradition of smash mouth football – on both sides of the ball.  I find it hard for him to be able to succeed returning to coaching.

It has nothing to do with him.  It’s just that the league is now being structured to favor offense and disguise it as ‘player safety.’  That just won’t ever jive with the way he wants his teams to play football.  Sorry folks, but I think we’ve seen the end of the Bill Cowher era of coaching football for good.  But that’s ok – it was great while it lasted, and I like watching him ‘in the booth’ every Sunday pulling for his old team to win during his analyses.

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