Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Week 8, Patriots


Tomlin started by talking about the Jags game. He feels the team made great efforts and played with a sense of urgency in all three phases of the game. He said he was especially impressed with how the Steelers played while the Cardinals made a couple of offensive surges in the second half. He says there are a lot of positives to build on, including Suisham nailing his three field goals, amongst other things.

Curtis Brown, limited with back spasms, James Harrison, Chris Hoke, Doug Legursky, Jason Worilds all out Sunday, Casey Hampton scheduled to practice Wednesday, though Tomlin says he’s happy with how McLendon has stepped in and played. Hines Ward will be watched and worked in as he is comfortable. Personally, I would be surprised if Hines didn’t at least dress to play on Sunday based on his want to get back out there just a few plays after getting injured.

The Patriots means one thing: Tom Brady. Tomlin can stand there and talk about the great tight ends and WRs with the Patriots, but lets be honest, it’s all about Tom Brady on that Patriots team. Tomlin says they are not anticipating Brady throwing the 4 balls like the picks he threw against Buffalo a couple of weeks ago. He says turning the ball over is not usually something Tom Brady does, so they will not count on that.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis is also a concern as he has been very effective in the run game so far this season. Based on how the Steelers’ D Line has played thus far, these guys are going to have to bring their A games for Green-Ellis. Our D line has been wildly inconsistent, so it is important that we don’t totally abandon the run defense to protect against the pass.

Hearing Tomlin talk about how good Brady is makes me sick. God I hate Tom Brady. I usually don’t get super emotional over loving or hating non-steeler players, but I really so hate Tom Brady.

New Tomlinism:

"“I’m not ready to paint with a broad brush at this moment”"

Tomlin was asked if it would be a good or a bad thing if this game turned in to a shootout between Big Ben and Tom Brady (a really stupid question, btw), and the above quote was his response.

Well, we have a big opportunity to shut up some critics this week. A win against the Patriots, no matter how human the Buffalo Bills made them seem, would mean a lot to this Steelers football team. The Patriots have been a thorn in our side for years and this may just be the time that we get to make a statement. A year ago, I was at this game in Pittsburgh. That game that Gronkowski got 3 TDs on us, yeah, I was there. So, this game has a special amount of meaning to me. The last thing I want to see is the Steelers go in there and lay down like they did last year. It was ridiculous and a joke. Please, please don’t play like that again!

So, getting a win against one or both of the next two games we play this season would mean the Steelers would be (are already) #1 in the AFC North, and maybe even in the entire AFC. It would make people, me included, believe that despite all the injuries, this team is destined for great things. That’s a big if though, and a myriad of adjustments need to be made before we stand a chance against either of these two upcoming games.

Wouldn’t it just be so nice to beat the Patriots?! One can only hope…