Steelers Injury Update: Woodley out, Ward given ‘ok’


The roster for Sunday’s game became a bit more clearer today after practice.  LaMarr Woodley will be out for the second straight Sunday with a bothersome hamstring injury he sustained against the Patriots.  Ward, who suffered a concussion from a hit by Ray Lewis this past Sunday, is currently passing all of his concussion tests.  He will more than likely be able to play on Sunday, though it is unclear if he will be starting over the younger healthier receivers.

Other Steelers who are on the probable list: Troy Polamalu (rib) and James Harrison (toe).  It’s clear that the Steelers suffer when Woodley is not in the lineup.  Even though Harrison had a break out return with two sacks on Joe Flacco, it was clear that the Steelers struggled to continually get pressure on Flacco, especially as the game closed out – although that was more LeBeau’s and the secondary’s fault than the LB’s.  Harrison will need to continue his strong return, and Worlids and Farrior will need to continue strong play since Woodley’s exit if the Steelers expect any chance in winning this Sunday’s game.  As is the trend with Flacco, so too does Dalton buckle under pressure from defensive blitzes.

The only other notable Steeler who will be out this week is Emanuel Sanders who did not practice this week due to a knee injury.  This certainly puts more pressure on Brown to continue performing well in clutch situations.  Depending on how effective Ward is in his return and Wallace’s ability to beat the double team, it could be the Antonio Brown Show this week.