Steelers Bye Week: Time To Talk 2012 Draft

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"5th Round Pick Mike Martin Nose Tackle Michigan Senior Mike Martin plays nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.  Martin can be groomed as a successor behind Casey Hampton and Chris Hoke."

I certainly think we need someone better than Hoke as a backup to Hampton.  How long can Hampton last before the Steelers find someone to develop?

"6th round Pick Darius Fleming 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Notre Dame Senior Darius Fleming plays next to Manti Teo a first round prospect in Notre Dame’s 3-4 defense.  Flaming is the pass rusher that makes Teo’s job a lot easier.  Fleming would be a good successor behind James Harrison.  Jason Worilds and Chris Carter have yet to progress.  Fleming has the potential to become a special player with the proper development."

Not sure about Fleming’s value about playing a critical role at OLB for the Steelers.  Worilds is still young and developing.  Let’s not jump the shark too much with a pick like this.  I think the Steelers need to keep fishing for a good TE to back up Miller.  David Johnson is ‘ok’ but lacks obvious skills in receiving that are invaluable in Miller.

"7th round Pick Jonas Gray Running Back Notre Dame Senior Pittsburgh adds a second back to split carries with Mendenhall."

Not sure about this pick either.  Gray might be a good addition for some speed in special teams and as a potential 3rd down back.  But you have Redman and potentially Baron Batch (upon his return from IR) to split carries and even compete for Mendenhall’s starting role.