Chiefs Woeful Monday Night Should Make Steelers Hungry


Last night was another awful Monday Night Football game – if you are anyone else other than a Patriots fan.  Is it just me, or does it seem like the majority of SNF and MNF games have been blowouts?  Awful TV.  Todd Haley continued to prove that he has a mediocre football team and cannot coach them to be anything else other than that.  I hope the Steelers were watching last night because it should have made them hungry to see such a sickly prey.

Tyler Palko started for an injured Matt Cassel, and he failed to provide the spark this team needed to show any signs of life.  He finished the night with three picks and no touchdowns.  The running game had glimpses of life, but for the most part the offense lacked any type of inspiration.  The Chiefs defense held on for a while, but the Patriots as they so often do, made key halftime adjustments and racked up 34 points in a 2nd half beat down.

The time is ripe for the Steelers to sharpen their claws and tear appart a team that’s struggling.  Usually you have to be careful with teams that are struggling on the field because they are desperately trying to right the ship.  But unfortunately for the Chiefs, they have a head coach that is making poor decision after poor decision that puts his team in no real position to win a game.  He is a coward in his play calling, and I believe that attitude has filtered down into his players.  Time to throw the dagger into their heart.

The Steelers should be hungry to take these guys out and should STAY hungry the rest of the season.  Aside from needing help in just one solitary game from Ravens’ opponents the Steelers control their fate in the playoff hunt.  Lose one game and the scenario erupts into chaos – and I seriously doubt the Ravens will spot the Steelers two games let alone one.  Boomer on Monday Night Countdown made the case that the Ravens could run the table because of their stout home record.  Should they have one or two home playoff games and the other teams in the AFC pool will have a tough time getting to Indy.  I don’t want to believe him, but it’s difficult to totally dismiss that there is some merit to that argument.

If the Steelers don’t win the AFC North, they are more than likely looking at a road playoff game in Baltimore should they get past the first round.  Tough odds considering the stuggles they’ve had against the Ratbirds this season.  Let’s hope the Steelers can win 5 or 6 of the last 6 games to take the North.  Let’s let it all start with a good win against the Chiefs in KC.