“Nut-Up or Shut-Up II:” Steelers Must Crush “Ginger Spice” and Co. Tomorrow

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Because I wrote one of these “Nut-Up or Shut-Up” articles before the first meeting between the Steelers and Bengals this season, I thought that another one was in order for tomorrow’s high stakes showdown.  So if you enjoyed the first one or are interested in what I have to say at all, hit that “Continue Reading” button and let’s go:


High Stakes For Both Squads:

To say that this game has a lot riding on it for the Steelers and the Bengals would be an enormous understatement.  As of right now, both teams are trailing the Ravens in the race for the A.F.C. North title, and Pittsburgh and Cincinnati need to “win out” to have any chance at all to take the Division Crown.

Pittsburgh needs to not only win this important game against the Bengals (as well as the rest of their completely winnable schedule), but they need Baltimore to slip up at least once along the way to secure the Division Title and likely a 1st Round Bye in the Playoffs.

Cincinnati needs this game just as much as the Steelers do and they have a lot more to lose.  The Bengals need to not only beat the Steelers tomorrow, but they need to beat the Ravens as well and win their remaining games to take the Division.  Moreover, Cincinnati (7-4) needs to create more space to secure a Wild Card berth just in case the Ravens or Steelers beat them down the stretch.  And to create ample space for a Wild Card berth, the Bengals need to keep winning games.  So what better way for them to create space than beating a divisional foe.  Thus, Pittsburgh must bring their “A Game” to stop a Bengals team that has just as much, if not more riding on the game than the Steelers do.

Prove the Doubters Wrong:

Many have been questioning the Steelers’ toughness and overall ability to play consistent football all season long.  This game could very well be the statement game of 2011 for Pittsburgh, and a solid performance could get them on a roll as the final quarter of the season begins.

At this point, either the Steelers are going to finally awaken from their 2011 season slumber and show the N.F.L. how good they really are, and in turn help to destroy the Postseason hopes of their rivals.  Or, Pittsburgh is going to fall to an inferior foe, at home, and prove their doubters correct that they are a “One and Done” Playoff team at best.