Steelers Will Make Playoffs This Sunday… And Why.


The Steelers this Sunday have a chance to make the playoffs… even before the Ravens can.  And well, I fully believe they can, and they will.

The Steelers face off against the Browns this Thursday at Heinz Field.  The 4-8 Brownies have been constant struggling all season, and even Peyton ‘Madden cover’ Hillis has been anemic this season.  The Steelers should have no troubles beating the Browns and have had their number for quite some time.  I don’t foresee a Chiefs blunder like we did two weeks ago.  There were some very promising things that came out of the game against the Bengals.  We are beginning to see what a playoff Steelers team may look like come January.

So the Steelers will more than likely win this Thursday.  But, in order to clinch a playoff spot, they will need help from three teams – the Bengals, Jets and Titans.  The Steelers need all three of those teams to lose, and they are in with their win.  I think they are going to get that help, and here’s why.

The Bengals face off against the Texans, and even though there’s been a mass of injuries plaguing that team, they have persevered very nicely.  The Texans defense should be able to tear up the Bengals offensive line and get at QB Andy Dalton all day.  We’ve seen what Dalton is like if he is scrambling around most of the time – he’s certainly a pocket passer.  Loss to Bengals.

The Titans take on the Saints…. need I say more?  Even though the Titans have been on a slight surge from their previous slide, the Saints will be just too much for the Titans pass defense.  In fact, it won’t even be close.  Drew Brees is the 2nd best QB in the league behind Aaron Rodgers.  He will cut open this defense.  I see a win over 17 points – even with the Saints on the road.  Titans lose to Saints.

The Jets battle the Chiefs.  This one is a hard one to conceive the Chiefs winning.  They have been pretty awful so far this season, but with some surprises and moments of promise along the way.  The Jets have bounced back from some embarrassing losses, and are moving in the right direction for making the playoffs again this year.  The Chiefs have a chance, but it’s very slight.  I would like to think that this could be a trap game for the Jets.  And I’m going to call it that way.  Baldwin will be all over Revis Island and come away with some big catches.  I think the Jets can and will fall flat against the Chiefs.

These three losses this weekend will allow the Steelers to clinch the Ravens.  Will it put pressure on the Ravens to win out? Eh, not really.  But man does it put pressure on teams in the hunt because one spot is locked up.  Here’s to what should be an exciting weekend of football to watch in hopes that the Steelers clinch another playoff birth.