Brett Keisel vs Yukon Cornelius: Who’s Better On The D-Line?


Last night one of my favorite Christmas movies was on: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Not any of the new done up ones, but the claymation one with Burt Ives as the snowman.  I came to a revelation last night while watching, and it’s something that in all my years of being a Steelers fan and loving this movie I never thought of:  Yukon Cornelius looks a a helluva lot like Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman, Brett Keisel.  Or should I say Brett Keisel looks a lot like Yukon – the movie did come out first.  Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks this as I was able to find comparison pics.  So the question now begs itself – who is/would be better on the Steelers defensive line?

Brett Keisel comes in at 6’5″, 285 lbs and is 33 years old.  He has an impecable way of disrupting the run by taking up space and blocking lineman.  He can get pressure on a QB and has 20 sacks in his career.  Yukon comes in at about 5’7″, 290 lbs and is about a timeless 45 years old.  He has a thing for silver and gold, is bat shit crazy when it comes to fighting abominable snowmen and has incredible team spirit (aka loud).  So I ask you, Nation – who is better on the Steelers defensive line?