Dear Mr. Rivers, You are just hours away from a pretty big game against AFC North leader..."/> Dear Mr. Rivers, You are just hours away from a pretty big game against AFC North leader..."/>

Letter To Philip Rivers From A Steelers Fan


Dear Mr. Rivers,

You are just hours away from a pretty big game against AFC North leaders the Baltimore Ravens.  Despite winning two games in a row, your team’s chances of winning the division or making the playoffs altogether are about as good as Ndamukong Suh refrain himself from kicking a nun while crossing the street – you have Tebow to thank for that.  But as a Steelers fan who is invested in a team who has strong chances of making the playoffs and winning the North division, I implore you to win tonight’s contest.

Now I know you guys think you’ve got it together now that you’ve won two games in a row.  But let me remind you that you’ve lost 6 in a row prior to those wins – ‘worst day ever’ right?  But let’s be honest – beating the Bills and Jags these days isn’t that hard to do.  The Ravens are a tough team.  They come from the North division – THE hardest and physical division in football.  Your team, and especially yourself will need to put together one hell of a game.

I applaud you for your consistent play the last few weeks.  After throwing 10 interceptions over the course of five games, you’ve managed to throw none in your last three.  Good recovery.  I’m sure it’s been really hard carrying the label of ‘elite’ given to you by many talking heads in the media and still have struggles week in and week out.  It’s a tough burden, I’m sure.  All that pressure can make a guy perform poorly – like throw 10 interceptions over five games.  Not everyone can be a Tebow right – have you seen that guy play?  Oooo, sorry… touchy subject??

Even though your playoff chances are slim to none I ask that you and your Chargers play tough tonight – it’s not like you would win a playoff game anyways.  Keep the turnovers to a minimum… like none… and you could have a really good chance of winning.  Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs will be after you – if you aren’t sure who they are, they will be the big guys running after you.  Best to just throw the ball away instead of forcing it – that should help keep your turnovers down.

I know that Steelers and Chargers fans don’t get along much.  The Steelers knocked the Chargers out of the playoffs on their way to a Super Bowl win back in ’08.  It’s a tough pill to swallow.  Ben Roethlisberger has two SB rings, you have none.  He’s a proven winner, you just kinda win.  Sure you have better stats (in some categories), but isn’t winning the big clutch games and winning SB’s what it’s all about?  Well tonight is a clutch game my friend.  It’s a big prime time game – I know you didn’t perform well the last time you were on prime time.  But KC just beat the Packers… so they are a good team right?  There’s still time to prove this season just how ‘elite’ you are.

So Rivers – just don’t suck.


Citizen of Steelers Nation