Aiming The Bullseye: Will Harrison Be Targeted For Hit on McCoy?


No doubt Harrison’s crosshairs will be aimed at Colt McCoy this Sunday against the Browns.  But will anyone on offense be setting their crosshairs in Harrison’s direction?  According to ProFootballTalk and Fox Sports Ohio the answer is no.  ‘What do you want them to do, start a fight?’ says head coach Pat Shurmur.  Fight? No.  Cheap shot? Maybe.

I doubt that Harrison would be on the wrong end of a cheap shot or blind side hit from anyone on the Brownies.  Harrison seems to be the one doing the hitting when he plays the Browns.

So the offense won’t be targeting Harrison according to the coach.  I believe it.  They have a hard enough time targeting their own receivers down field.  (insert rimshot)  But what about the defense targeting Big Ben?  According to ProFootballTalk, Ben practiced fully today and is expected to play on Sunday.  How much is not yet determined.  PFT claims roughly 25 snaps.  In a way, it makes sense to play Ben for a bit if he is healthy.  You don’t want too much rust on the arm and legs going into the playoffs.

All I have to say is the offensive line better do their damnedest to protect #7 from the blitzing Browns.  People in Cleveland are going to get pissed at this statement, but don’t be surprised if the defense tries to put a little ‘extra hurt’ on Ben if given the chance.  There’s no love loss between these two teams – though it’s nothing in comparison to Steelers/Ravens.  Harrison gave McCoy a shot in the jaw and made him pay for it with a concussion.  Football is a bit different than say baseball where retaliation is easier to achieve and less ‘costly’ when it happens.  Jabaal Sheard may have something extra for Ben if he is to get his hands on him.

I wold play Ben for maybe a series or two if he really is that healthy to start. But I wouldn’t take any more chances as the game goes on.  Harrison probably won’t pay a price, but Roethlisberger will have a huge target on his back if he takes that field on Sunday.