A Look Back at 2011: Steelers Style

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It was a wild one. Full of days that had us cheering our hearts out and days that made us weep.  People who rose up as hero’s and those who we could only shake our heads at.  And some we wanted to vote off the island. Our Steelers gave us another year to remember. So stroll with me, down memory lane, as we look back at the year that was 2011. And grab a beer and maybe some chips; it’s gonna be a long strange trip.

The year started out with a big win over the Brownies. Anyone remember Troy’s superman leap over the O line? Ok so sure he kind of missed the sack, but hell it was impressive in terms of timing and style. With that, the Steelers went into the playoffs the #2 seed in the AFC and awaited the winner of the Ravens/Chiefs game. When the ratbirds came out on top, you could just feel the intensity brewing for another showdown at Heinz field. That game gave us Ben’s fumble that was or wasn’t a fumble..? And a mounting Baltimore lead that at one time was 21-7. But then Clark and Woodley both recovered actual fumbles and Ben connected with AB on a crucial third down. When it mattered most our D stopped them on downs and ended the game.  Steelers win. And poor Ray Ray went home and dusted the decade worth of dust from his one ring.

Next up the Jets and Santonio with a fresh chip on his shoulder.  We jumped out to an early 24-0 lead before the band was on the field to line up for halftime. But, we finished off the case of Iron City a bit too soon, because in the second half the green men slowly clawed their way back to within 7. That’s when our Defense stepped up big time, putting together a solid goal line stance…. only to be thwarted by a fumble in the end zone on the very next play. The Steelers held them off, took the win and a berth in the Super Bowl. After the final snap, Mendy climbed the mast of the good ship Roethlisberger and then the humping began. (seriously what WAS that). Ben, possibly scarred from the experience broke down after the game. Tough year buddy.

Troy is named Defensive player of the year. Well deserved.

Kiesel’s beard proved to be the ring leader in the biggest media circus this side of the Rockies. Who knew it would gather over twenty thousand fans on facebook, start tweeting and spawn look-a-likes across the country. It was a sad day when he shaved it a few weeks later, leaving 2 squirrels and a speckled owl homeless.

I think the Pro Bowl actually happend somewhere in here but who even cares.

Things are bigger in Texas, including the super sized stadium mess that left many fans literally out in the cold. To Jerry Jones I say suck it. With hundreds turned away at the door because your ga-gillion dollar home was not up to code, and more than a few who shelled out $2000+ for a partial view of the end zone and a full view of a 42” plasma, and those who were robbed of a few hundred to stand and freeze and likely starve while watching the game on a screen outside, you STILL missed the Super Bowl attendance record. Ha. Ha. And whose brillient idea was it to spend half a million on a military fly over to a closed stadium?

Once Christina has successfully muffed up the anthem, play began. Perhaps the fumble was the crucial play that sealed the game. It’s not worth the rehash, I dont want to go there, lets say it was a long flight home for the black and gold, players and fans. Though there is one little interesting nugget: the Wallace incomplete catch was the most replayed via DVR rewind sports moment of 2011. Pretty cool Mike. Its here if you want to relive the agony.