A Look Back at 2011: Steelers Style

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We all heard the news that Hines had been picked for Dancing with the Stars. After a quick google to see what the show actually was…. I mean really, had anyone actually watched that pre-Ward?…our DVRs were set for Monday nights. No need to suffer through two full hours right? Though seeing the Karate Kid ‘wax on’ was pretty worthwhile. But it was kinda awkward hearing Len Goodman talk about Hines’ hip action.

Carnell Lake was hired on as the Defensive Backs coach, and seeing the improvement in our guys this year, we know the positive impact he has had.  The Lock out began and we all imagined in horror our lives come fall without football: re-seeding the lawn,  getting a jump on your holiday shopping , watching college basketball … what kind of hell is that anyway?

The Steelers took Cam Heyward as their first round pick, followed by Gilbert, Brown and Allen, showing once again that Tomlin could outshine Ed McMahon on Star Search. A Draft that had Goddell welcomed with a rousing chorus of BOOOs and then cowardly using a moment of silence for recent storm victims to quiet the crowds. Low Rodge, really low.

Just before winning the coveted mirror ball, Hines was pulled over in LA and handcuffed by the cops. As the story unfolded, we all start to wonder who exactly is his lady friend driving this allegedly stolen car.  Steeler Nation also lost John Henry
Johnson, the first 1000 yard rusher in the franchise back in 1962.

There was a collective sigh of relief and then a feverish pitch to crank up the fantasy leagues when the lock out ended in July. Though the timing of an extended off season worked out pretty well, giving a few of the guys some time to appear in the Dark Knight film at Heinz. Later in the year, it would become 2011’s most watched movie trailer. James Harrison found a few minutes to dish on the commish in Men’s Journal, in an article entitled “Confessions of a Hitman”. Nice touch MJ, as if his reputation needed any help from you.

And finally, our sweet strapping young Ben tied the knot to someone he has “known for a while now. It’s not like a random new person.” Sweet Ben, just the way I would want my fiancé to describe me.  He spent less than 1% of his salary on the wedding. Cheap right? Ha. A mere $400k. At least he didn’t make his wife play center in his wedding photos like Flacco did. Really. The month rounded out with Hines back in the news for a DUI. Busy year, right buddy?