A Look Back at 2011: Steelers Style

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To start the season, the league moved the kick offs up to the 35 yard line sparking a huge debate about the return game. Staying on a roll, the league also released its policy manifesto on fines and discipline. I’m guessing it was like 7th grade when the teacher hands you “A Separate Peace” and you cannot wait to dive in.  I’m wondering if Silverback used it for TP or lit it on fire?

Sunday September 11th was a day to remember the fallen hero’s of the attacks a decade ago. But for us Steeler fans, it was a day we would like to forget. Stupid ratbirds. And while I have you in an ugly mood, it is interesting to note that the first player born in 1990 (ie 21 years old and likely doesnt know what VHS is) made his debut. Lord jesus. I think I was already stealing beer and failing my Drivers Ed class by then.

October started with the Steelers 2-2 before they would go on a four game win streak. A stretch that included a botched fake spike play where I’m pretty sure Ben was the only guy on the field who knew that was the plan. We lost Aaron Smith to IR and Tomlin had a super friendly chat with the Jacksonville press, mainly “anyone want to talk about THIS game? No? ok bye”.  Wallace caught that gorgeous 95 yard touchdown against the Cardinals. And we handed Mr. Brady a big loss. I’ll say that again, cause it was oh so sweet. We beat the pants off the pats.

Troy was fined for using his cell phone on the sidelines. One of thirteen fines the Steelers garnered, topping out at over $180k.

Al “Just win, baby” Davis passed at the ripe old age of 82. Elected in 1992 to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Davis was a trailblazer, hiring the first black head coach and the first woman CEO. He was a true renegade, not out to make friends, but to do things his way. Despite his unorthodox means,  he earned the respect of many.

ESPN found itself in a bit of a pickle when MNF’s Hank Williams Jr made what he thought was an accurate comparison, but turns out most of the nation takes offense when their president is compared to a cold blooded killer. Hmmm, people are funny that way.

I’ll skip past the Sunday night game in November, nobody wants to remember that, or the 92 yard drive that ended the game. Grrrrr… The Thanksgiving holiday brought us, for the first time in a long time, games that mattered. Thank you Miami for not sucking that day. The marquee game, the Harbaugh Bowl, had a mediocre at best Flacco somehow came out on top. blah.

We all watched in horror as Ben went down hard against the Browns. I know there were a bunch of hail mary’s being said in the Burgh that night, cause our big Ben looked broken. But then like a phoenix from the ashes, he burst out onto the field to play in the second half. I think we all owe a fruit cake to Antonio Brown for scoring on that last play. No way Ben makes it down the field, that is unless the O line was offering up a piggy back.

And the Candlestick Park fiasco is still fresh in our minds. I’ll suppress the desire to make jokes, we all know Harrison said it best “Lights OUT!”