A Look Back at 2011: Steelers Style

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Speaking of Tweets, Twitter became the easy way to take jabs, show your stupidity or just remind us that sometimes NFL players say the darndest things. Here are a few of my favorites: (note they are not verbatim, I’m too lazy to look them up)

  • Mike Oher- who is this Steve Jobs guy?
  • Chris Berriman to amputee – you better sit down and shut up
  • Colts owner – I’m in Hattiesburg. (this was funny. Peter King starting a rumor about Favre playing for the Texans is not. Please. Make 2012 a Favre-free year)
  • Jones Drew to Jay Cutler – faker faker wafflemaker
  • Mendenhall – what kind of person celebrates death
  • Arian Foster – here’s a pic of my MRI’dhamstring. See I’m hurt.
  • Some Cowboy- I’m stuck in an elevator. I’ve fallen and I cant get up.
  • Ochocinco – today he tweeted about the aliens that probed him last night.
  • Ashton Kutcher – how do you fire JoePa

Some other stories from around the league that made 2011 a memorable year:

Payton Manning was first listed as doubtful, then out for a while, then out for 2-3 months, then the season and now still stands as a big question mark. It was trippy seeing him in jeans on the sidelines. No one can argue the contributions he makes to that team. What will next year bring for him?

Flop-Gate was rampid across the NFL. Players taking dives, sometimes two guys at the same time, and it was worse acting than Keanu Reeves in… well anything that Keanu Reeves was in… (except Point Break, that was good).  Come On Man. Stop the Flop.

We saw the rise and fall of the Dream Team. The first cold weather super bowl announced for New Jersey.  And stadium violence reached a scary level. Or has it always been that way and now everyone just records it with their iphones?

Hating Tim Tebow became the new black. And while he played in his second rookie season (doesnt anyone remember he’s NOT a rookie??), Cam Newton was lighting the league on fire.

Troy spent some time at Madame Tussauds in London as a fake wax Troy scaring poor patrons who, due to their lack of NFL prowess, probably weren’t sure if he was a fourth century Samoan warrior or a rugby player gone rogue. He also went back to USC and got his degree, solidifying his ability to be a certified accountant should this football thing fizzle out. That’s a lie, I’m not actually sure what his degree was in.

All in all it’s been one heck of a year. We didn’t bring home the Lombardy, and I’m not sure our appetites were satisfied with the mirror ball. Cheers to a championship 2012. Happy New Year Steeler Nation!!!