Apocalypse Soon: End of Days for Tim Tebow in Denver

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The hype has finally caught up to Tim Tebow.  Haters have been hating on Timmy T even before he was drafted byDenver in the first round of the 2010 draft.  Conversely, people looking for the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’ of this NFL season have heaped undue praise upon the young man.  Football is a game of wins and losses and nothing else really matters in the big league.  Tebow Time is running out in The Mile High City and the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to tick off its last seconds this coming Sunday in Denver.

Tim Tebow is one likeable cuss, especially when you see his mug next to other recent Denver Broncos starting quarterbacks. You would be hard pressed to pick Kyle Orton out of a three person line up if the other two contestants were Samuel L. Jackson and Snookie.  Kyle Orton is vanilla on white bread with mayo on the side.  His results as a starter were not note worthy either.  Pictures of Jay Culter can be found under two words in Webster’s Dictionary:  ‘Aloof’ and ‘Pout’.  Hell, even Josh McDaniels found him difficult (har, har).  In three seasons atDenver, Cutler alienated the fan base, teammates, and the front office all while compiling a less than pedestrian 17W – 20L record.  To be fair, both Cutler and Orton were surrounded by ‘weapons’ that had difficulty keeping themselves, healthy, out of jail, and in one case alive.  Tim Tebow does not pout or get surly with the media, nor does he look vaguely Amish ala Kyle Orton.  When the Broncos veterans shaved his head to resemble Friar Tuck, Tebow laughed it up and ended up launching a popular hair style in the Denver area; not bad for a dude standing on the sidelines.  When Tim Tebow has a good game he gives credit to all those around him.  When he performs poorly, he takes all the blame himself.

It is not the common Broncos fans that are looking to crucify their Savior, and it’s not Tebow’s teammates either; they all seem to genuinely like him.  It seems as if the Big Guy, or in Tebow’s case, Guys have it in for him.  John Fox inherited ‘He of the Awkward Throwing Motion’ from the old regime.  Fox must not have looked at his depth chart when he yanked Orton in favor of Tebow at half time of the Chargers game.  I can hear him saying “Brady who”?  “Tim who”?? “Where’s that Newtonfellow I drafted”?  John Fox probably assumed sending Orton to the Chiefs would free up a roster spot and enough cash money for the Broncos to bring in Jake Delhomme to run the offense.  The head coach is not the only one less than in love with Tebow.  John Elway is not much of a fan.  Revisionist history and too many hits to the head are letting Elway see himself as a Super Bowl winner right out of the box.  He doesn’t remember the happy feet, poor decisions, and crushing defeats that paved the early roads of his career.  John may also be envious of Tebows’ normal sized teeth or he may have nightmares about hearing the stilted voice of Pat Bowlen, while hoisting a Lombardi, say “This one’s for Tim”.