Know Thy Enemy – Wild Card Edition: Steelers Vs Broncos


It’s Wild Card Weekend and the Steelers face off against the Denver Broncos.  I’ve contacted Kim Constantinesco of Predominantly Orange and asked her questions about her Broncos squad.  Be sure to check out her answers to her thoughts on Tim Tebow and her predictions on the game.

1. What do you feel are the Broncos chances this Sunday against the #1 defense in the league?

"Like any team in the playoffs, they have a shot, even their offense. The Broncos have put some new wrinkles in their offense, and Tim Tebow is walking around with a bit of an edge this week. I have a feeling that the offense you see on Sunday will be a different one than you’ve seen in the past few weeks. If the Broncos can get Tebow into some kind of rhythm with slants and screen passes, and utilize the tight ends more, then it will really open things up for their No. 1 ranked rushing offense. The Broncos face a great challenge in the Steelers’ defense, but I except the team to come out with more offensive horsepower than they’ve shown in weeks past."

2. Where did the compromise really fall with regards to starting Tebow?  How much did the offense need to change to accomodate for a running back QB?

"The Broncos had to name a starting QB going into camp without really being able to evaluate their other QBs fairly because of the lockout. With Orton being named the starter from day 1, John Fox and Co. didn’t want to switch things up a week or two into things. Orton was clearly the better passer in camp so he got the reps. However, when Orton’s arm didn’t translate to wins, the team needed a change. That’s when at 1-4, the team looked to the guy who came into the pros “a winner” by college standards.The Broncos had a core group of plays that every QB on the team could run, but once Tebow was named the starter, that’s when they looked to expand upon the option. They would add new things each week – a triple option, specific QB runs, flea flickers, etc. The playbook has done a 180 since Orton was starting."

3. Do you think McGahee can have a big game and why?

"McGahee has been having big games all season with seven 100+ yard games. As long as the Broncos offensive line continues to do a great job blocking, McGahee will find the open holes."

4. I wrote a comparative article on John Elway and Mario Lemieux:  Do you think Elway is the one to turn this organization around now that he is in the FO for the team?

"Elway is successful in everything that he does in Denver business wise plus he’s got the respect of the city. He’s said that he is going to work with Tebow in the off season with his passing mechanics. Elway turned the team around once, and I think he can do it a second time."

Bonus: What are your predictions?

"Steelers win 23-20."

Be sure to keep checking back with NPC today, as we keep bringing coverage up to the game.  Also, be sure to join us for our live chat during the game.