Steelers Wild Card Playoff Early Poll: Will Broncos Pull Tebow?


Our good friend Brady Quinn reportedly took almost half the snaps this week in practice.  Sounds like a preemptive measure to pull Tebow should things get out of hand for him.  But really – Brady Quinn?

For those of you with short term memory loss or those who don’t really put names with faces the Steelers trounce on a regular basis, Brady Quinn is the Fighting Irish



really good

kinda good

bad QB who played for the Cleveland Browns from 2007-2009.  He has not played a regular or post season snap since his arrival in Denver.  Wow that already sounds like disaster for the Broncos.

Surprisingly, Quinn is 1-0 against the Steelers.  However, he was far from the one to orchestrate the W for the Brownies back in 2009.  He was 6 for 19 with 90 yards and a sack – a dismal QB rating of 48.1.  That perfect record against the Steelers won’t really hold.  Seems no matter what – whether it’s prayers or with the Luck O’ the Irish on their side – the Broncos will have their hands full with this Steelers defense.

Let me just put it this way – if things are going bad enough for Tebow that the Broncos decide to pull him for Quinn, they must only care about saving Tebow’s health and dignity.  So I ask you, do you think the Broncos would pull Tebow?