Punishment In Order For Steelers Pouncey?


Usually a Steeler will wait until the middle of the offseason before doing something controversial that the media can salivate after having to dust off old news stories to make it through February through July.  Well I guess Marukice Pouncey decided to get it over with early enough so that maybe it would be forgotten by training camp.

Shortly after the Steelers lost to the Broncos (and I mean like minutes after they lost) Pouncey tweeted for people to buy a new rap album – Yo Gotti rap album on iTunes.  Fans didn’t take that lightly and went after Pouncey.  To which Pouncey replied with the following:

“I’m rich play for the steelers and have a awesome life!”

“u wish u had my life!!”

“what do u do for a living besides bothering me right now … ”

“I will idiot!! you enjoy your lame life!!

“your a loser Rick! get a life I hate people like u! dont talk about my life dumb [expletive].

“unfollow me then loser!!

“I’m done talking to losers!”

Classy.  Not quite in that Santonio Holmes ‘go kill yourself’ classy, but still pretty jaggy.  Really?  Did he feel it necessary to go after followers and fans?  Quite a prick’ish thing to do considering he missed the second biggest game of his life – Super Bowl XLV being the other.  And really, did anyone expect him to return at all during the playoffs?  I didn’t.

So the question now presents itself – will or should Pouncey be punished somehow by the Steelers?  And what should that punishment be?  Free speech is free speech.  But this is the second Steeler to lash out on Twitter.  Is this a trend?