And Then There Were Four.

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NFC Championship: San Francisco vs. New York

Great match up happing in the Bay area. Clash of the Titans. This game might actually be more exciting that the Super Bowl itself.


Pros: I like this team. Like what they are doing on both sides of the ball. Like that they took the same guys from a 6-10 team and worked their way to the 2 seed just a year later – sorry Mr. Mike.  I love the emotion they are showing – awwww Vern.., makes you love football even more watching he big lugs shed some tears, the teamwork, the support of each other is incredible. They can play shoot out with Drew Brees or they can play hardball defense, proving that even though this league is now dubbed “a passing league”, stingy defenses are still winning games. They are a complete team with the home field advantage, riding a huge wave of momentum into Sunday’s game.

Cons: They currently hold  5 of the silver trophies. In no way do I want to see them getting anywhere close to our stash (thanks jdavis for the correction!). And its anyone’s guess if they paid the power bill this month. I for sure dont want the brother vs brother media hype. That, dear readers, would be horrible. Two weeks of documentries looking back at these two guys growing up, hour long specials on their rivalry starting as 6 year olds playing Tee-ball. We did this once already. I’m over it.


Pros: I have a very large and very buff Dominican friend who is an avid Giants fan. He likes to drink good beer and his wife always has dessert ready, and they invite us over for every big Giants game. It’s a sweet set up that I’m not ready to say good-bye to.  Some other reasons to love this team: Victor Cruz’s salsa dancing, Eli Manning’s escape-ability, Osi’s a sack making machine.  They have a running tandem that is clicking on all cylinders right now, up the middle, getting the edge, and a solid offensive line that is keeping little brother upright. Its poetry people.  And its so entertaining how for 90% of the season Tom Coughlin is getting fired. Then he somehow pulls his big red nose out of his arse and decides to put together a winning game plan. For a team that four weeks ago was losing to the Redskins, to now find themselves in this position, well that’s just crazy. I like crazy.

Cons: I got nuthin. Except maybe the whole fact that we must refer to this team as “The New York Football Giants”. That irks me for some reason. And Eli’s little draft situation, playing the dad card to get his skinny butt traded.   When they are bad, they are very very bad. But when they are good…

Final Verdict: “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, Its up to you New York, New York”.