Will the Steelers Select any of these Nose Tackle Prospects in The 2012 Draft?

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Final Thoughts/Conclusion

To be honest, I just hope that the Steelers can address the NT position this April.  They would be stupid not to at least draft one, and I’m sure Colbert and Co. are exploring/have been exploring their options for a while.

Of the prospects which I would like to see the Steelers go after, it would all depend on seeing how their draft board works.  Here’s a few scenarios I’ve worked out below:

Poe is the consensus #1, and has the body-type, production, and overall effectiveness that teams covet when looking at 0-Technique NT’s.  If Pittsburgh looks his way in Round 1, then the Steelers will have gotten theirs biggest need out of the way on Day 1 of the Draft.

In the event that the Steelers pass on Poe and instead decide to go after ILB and/or O-Line help in Round 1 (because the best players on their board could be at those positions), then that’s where things could get really interesting.

If Pittsburgh likes Ta’amu and/or Chapman, they might have to maneuver a bit because both guys might not last until pick #56 due to the increased number of teams running 3-4 schemes nowadays in the N.F.L..  Thus, Pittsburgh might be inclined to trade up in Round 2 or back from Round 1 to select either guy if they believe he fits them the best and the value is there.

Jean-Baptiste could inevitably be the guy which the Steelers covet in Round 4 and beyond.  If it is Jean-Baptiste that is Colbert’s and John Mitchell’s “Guy” the Steelers could kill multiple birds with multiple stones if they dedicate their early round picks to positions of enormous need (O-Line, ILB, Safety).

As for the other two guys I discussed, I’m sure the Steelers wouldn’t mind waiting until later Rounds to address their biggest need/adding depth if they feel that they would work well in their system.  Fangupo’s versatility could be coveted, and Hicks’ potential upside might have the Front Office salivating.

Whatever route that Pittsburgh decides to go however, I’ll stand by through and through.  They are one of the League’s best teams when it comes to the Draft and scouting players, and Kevin Colbert and his staff are some of the best when it comes to scouting players.

Now it’s your turn readers:  Who do you think that the Steelers should go after in terms of NT’s?  Were there any guys I missed that you would like to see them go after?  Is NT the team’s biggest need?

Info Regarding Prospects:

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