Could Todd Haley be the Next Steelers OC?


Haley fields questions about his hat...... Image courtesy of chiefs-command

The name of the Steelers previous offensive coordinator is escaping me because it seems that the position doesn’t get much attention in these parts but I wish him well in his next endeavor.  He probably retired or moved on to another team (or both).  I kid, I kid…. Bruce Arians’ clipboard isn’t even cold and a new mule is already kicking in his stall.  Todd Haley interviewed for the Steelers vacant offensive coordinator position earlier this week.  Now when I see Todd Haley I think of not one, but two great coaches; I see the fashion sense of Bill Belichick and the lovable, teddy bear like, sideline demeanor of Tom Coughlin.  Who among us can forget Todd Haley stepping out onto the field in Arizona just to peel Kurt Warner’s ass for an incorrect read on a check down or the three day beard and faded out ball cap adorning his beleaguered head on the sidelines of KC? (Belichick’s  hoodie looks at Haley’s hoodie and rolls its eyes!)  I am positive that sweatshirt reeks equally of Brute, Budweiser and Burger King…. 

But Camaro Couture aside, would Todd Haley really be such a bad choice for the Steelers vacant OC gig?  I am thinking not (which in my world is different than not thinking).   Haley’s Cardinal offense used a big, strong armed, veteran quarterback who was used to having a say in the offense (check).  The Cardinal offense had a potent receiving corps stocked with superstars, future superstars, and role players (check)  Haley’s Arizona offense was a bit pass happy but effectively mixed in the run when it mattered (Can a brother get a DOUBLE CHECK).    The Haley offense can score like crazy and get deep into the playoffs against good to great defenses (checkitty check).  As a head coach, Haley was able to turn around a floundering Chief’s squad and get them to the top of the juggernaut known as the AFC West. 

I am usually all for the Steelers promoting from within but in this case I can really get behind an outside perspective.  Ben Roethlisberger has had an undue amount of say in the play calling here in the ‘Burgh.  The Arians/Roethlisberger offense was, in large part, successful and it’s damn hard to fix something when it’s working but as soon as I saw Big Ben going to the stat sheet to prop up the offense I knew that the “BR+BA” etching on the tree would soon be growing moss.  Ben was quick with “I had 4000 yards passing and we had two 1000 yard receivers” rhetoric, and those are true statements but so is 21st in the league in scoring.  (Ohhhh, yeah….. there is that…..) 

Anyone already on the Steelers payroll will look like an subordinate to Ben and he will impose his will and influence upon them as he sees fit.  That is just human nature and the personality traits of an elite athlete which, in case you haven’t noticed, describes Ben Roethlisberger.  Todd Haley is an outsider and has an ego every bit as big as Ben’s.  He is a dude in his mid 40’s trying to get the considerable stink of the KC firing off of his huge Led Zeppelin t-shirt collection and that is proper motivation to succeed in the NFL.

 I think this next point gets too much weight but here goes:  Todd Haley grew up in the Pittsburgh area and his old man was employed by the Steelers for many years (being a Yinzer never hurt nobody gettin’ a job with the Stillers even if he is a bit of a jaggoff). 

Todd Haley has strong offensive ideas and strong, sometimes offensive, personality.  He may not be the perfect guy for the Steelers but he is the right “type” of guy for the job.

Tuck in your shirt, Todd and get a new hat.