Dermontti Dawson Makes Class of 2012 For NFL Hall of Fame


Dermontti Dawson, the man who redefined what a center’s job and role is on the offense, has made it into the Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2012.  Dawson played for the Steelers from 1988-2000.  The man was tough as nails and helped make Steelers football what it is today (or at least what Rooney II wants it to be once again).

After eight years of eligibility, Dawson finally reaches Canton in what was a tough class to determine.  He was selected to seven straight Pro-Bowls starting in 1992.  Of course anyone in Steelers Nation should be elated that Dawson is in, but it’s about time the committee recognizes the tough job it is to be center and how Dawson excelled at it.

Jack Butler (1951-1959) was a star corner for the Steelers.  In just nine seasons he had 52 picks and had a 10 interception season in 1957.  Butler edged out former Redskins guard Dick Stanfel as the senior member in the Class of 2012.  Butler will be 85 years old when he makes the trip to Canton.

I’ll have more reactions to Bettis not making it to this years class – as I stated earlier that it’s quite a shock that he’s been denied two years running.

A little side note – 4 of the 6 HOF’s this year have Western Pennsylvania ties.  This class also means that Pitt now has 8 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees: Martin, Doleman, R. Grimm, R. Jackson, D. Marino, T. Dorsett, M. Ditka, J. Schmidt.

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