Drama Llama: Roethlisberger and Haley Non-Issue For Steelers…. No Really.


If I hear one more stinkin’ story about how unsettling it is that Ben Roethlisberger has not spoken with new OC Todd Haley, I’m going to dunk them into the Mon’ River until they say Uncle Terry.  Seriously folks.  I know that ‘news’ in Steelers camp has calmed down quite a bit since the initial start of the off-season post Super Bowl.  But let’s get real here for just a second and step away from the feelings train.

There is nothing wrong with Ben Roethlisberger or Todd Haley not having talked to one another yet.  Whether it’s Ben not calling Haley or Haley not calling Ben – it doesn’t matter.  It’s the off-season.  It’s like vacation – only I’m not wading in the public pool trying to inconspicuously push away the ‘blue dye.’  Could it be that both of these guys just want their due time off from having to deal with ‘the team’?  Roethlisberger’s recouping.  He’s working out and resting his half beaten body.  Haley is probably hitting up some local casino in Georgia hoping he can continue his lucky streak after just getting picked up by the best, most popular and one of the more successful franchises in football.  Or he could even be getting ready for his 45th birthday…. what?  You don’t take a week to plan your party?

Bottom line – there’s no drama behind any of this.  And shame on any ‘journalist’ (I use this term loosely for those who may report for Yahoo! Sports or something like that) who uses headlines like ‘Big Ben Still Waiting For Call’ – as if Ben is just sitting around his home looking more longingly at his phone than he is his newlywed wife.  So jags like ESPN’s Jamison Hensley really need to pull back on the drama llama reigns and find something worthy to write about.  Maybe if you actually put half an effort into your journalistic abilities, you would be able to dig real dirt up on teams, instead of just looking at the city’s newspapers’ headlines for what constitutes as news.

When August rolls around, Haley and Roethlisberger will be working together on finding ways for this team to win.  There may even be a few chuckles on the side line for all the ‘Haley is not a player’s coach’ garbage out there.  But I’m sure if we don’t see those two with arms wrapped around each other with Ben’s hand in Haley’s back pocket as they walk towards the sun setting behind the locker room, then we will certainly see in the headlines the next day ‘Big Ben’s Boyish Grin Won’t Crack Haley’s Stone Heart.’