Steelers News: Some Afternoon Buzz


Here’s a few developments from overnight and into today for a bit of news to get you through your afternoon and the rest of this ‘Hump Day.’

The biggest news (or not if you are like me) is that the PPG reports that Ben and Haley have talked.  Not about the team – that’s a no no until April.  But, they did sit down and talk.  As Ed B. quips – maybe they sat around an laughed how ridiculous the media has been over this whole issue between the two of them.

Willie Colon has had his contract restructured.  The Trib Live reports that Colon will take the base salary of $700,00 and get the rest he’s owed in bonuses spread out over the rest of his contract (four years).  This brings the Steelers to a total of $21.3 million in cuts.  Colbert estimated the Steelers were about $25 million.  $4 million is a long ways to go – so who’s next to restructure or say ‘buh-bye’?

Yahoo! Sports (how I loathe them sometimes) is pushing the ‘Mike Wallace leaving Steelers’ headline.  I will give them this much – it pains me to say – they make sense when they lay out the money Wallace would cost vs. getting draft picks for this year.  With the Steelers needing help on the O-line and D-line badly, the Steelers may feel it is for the better that they part ways with Wallace and get some extra picks.  If Wallace leaves, does that mean Ward stays?….. better figure this out by the beginning of March.