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Final Thoughts/Ward’s Career

Many players in the same position as Ward circa. 2000 would have probably crumbled under the amount of competition being brought in to specifically replace them.  Not Hines Ward though, not Hines Ward at all.  After earning the starting Flanker spot in 2000, Ward finally broke out during his first of four Pro Bowl seasons in 2001 and didn’t stop for another 10 years.  After 14 seasons with the club, Ward amassed a stat line of:

1,000 Catches, 12,083 Yards, 85 TD Catches

428 Rushing Yards 1 TD Rushing

Then when you factor in the two Rings, the Super Bowl XL MVP, the fact he was one of the most feared blockers from the WR position in League history, and you’ve got yourself a Hall of Fame resume.

So here’s to you Hines!  No matter how talented your competition was early in your career, and how many guys were brought in to possibly replace you on the roster, you outplayed them in a Hall of Fame career that many WR’s can only dream of having.  I understand that the Steelers don’t “officially” retire numbers (except Ernie Stautner’s #70), but there is no conceivable way that #86 will be donned by any Steelers player in the future.  Afterthought status between ’98-’00 be damned Hines!  You will never be forgotten by “Steeler Nation!”