Leftovers from a Steelers Sunday Smorgasboard


So it’s Sunday Folks and it’s quiet here in Steelerville. All the day-time caliber drama is happening elsewhere…. in Denver now confirmed Peyton ousting of Tebow, in Detroit with the national debt is being paid to MegaTron or in Washington where they’ve promised their first born and a night in the Oval Office for RG3. The other NPC writers have a solid handle on the Steeler needs, Draft picks and contingency plans, so let’s call today’s post a smorgasbord of other stuff.

The Steelers released their 2012 Season Schedule. Aside from the usual AFC north games, we play the Eagles, Jets, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Giants, Cowboys and Titans. I’ve heard rumors of a Thursday NFL opener for the Steelers in East Rutherford… but we’ll wait and see. Just a quick glance and I’m pretty optimistic for a great season.

Baron Batch is the running back out of Texas the Steelers took in the 7th round last year. He went out in the preseason with a knee injury, but has been rehabbing and is ready to produce for the offense this year. Aside from his skills on the field, the kid is pretty dynamic. He’s real and grounded and isn’t caught up in the hype. His writing is something you don’t normally see out of a gridiron giant. He’s also one heck of a photographer. Take a gander over to his website sometime and show him some love. http://baronbatch.com/

I’ve picked up some rumblings about Big Ben’s weight last season. And I have to agree that he was somewhat heavier, perhaps even chunky, as 2012 came to a close. Obviously it could be attributed to his multiple injuries and therefore lack of practice time. Or maybe his new wife just made fried pierogies he couldn’t resist. In his case, where he needs to be mobile, it’s a definite problem. But did it really play a major factor in the closing games, in the games we needed to win? There were so many other things going on with the team, injuries mainly, heck it may have made him harder to bring down.  So why even bring it up? Well I just find it interesting that’s all.

I was under the impression that Steely McBeam had been shunned from Heinz Field faster than Jeff Reid could drive across the bridge to the South Side. But he along with a Steelers contingent were out to support Muscle Team, an event that benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Harrison was there, and commented on the family feeling, he’s spent the past six years there along with many of the participants who have returned multiple times. He was joined by Batch, Essex and Mundy. Former players Mike Merriweather and Andy Russell were also there to join the fun.  We definitely don’t hear enough of the good stuff the Steelers do out in the community. I think it’s an awesome example of them giving some time back to the fans. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Harrison get beat in arm wrestling by a girl!

And finally, it’s always nice to be reminded that the Steelers Nation reaches far and wide. Had the pleasure of dining at Whiskey Creek in Wilmington NC today. Great place. Though the bartender was a Cowboys fan, we got along just fine. He says they get a pretty good crowd in there Sunday’s in the Fall, if you’re in town check it out.  Some pretty nice pieces of memorabilia as well.