Battle Brewing: Three Steelers Set To Fill Gay’s Spot


William, Willie, and Will Gay (thanks DBuzz) are going Arizona next season to play for the Whiz.  No surprise there.  Someone was due to head out there this season.  Let’s just hope he has a better time than McFadden did – I don’t think the Steelers are ready to take another failure out of ‘Zona again.  This means that the #2 corner spot is open and is up for grabs.  I don’t think Keenan Lewis is a a sure shoe-in for filling that role, which means there’s going to be three guys vying for that spot: Keenan Lewis, Curtis Brown, and Cortez Allen.

Keenan will be entering his 4th season and has the most snaps out of the three – and more significantly snaps defending wide outs.  Brown and Allen will be in their 2nd year and coming off having exceptional seasons on special teams.  Brown and Allen were swapped in and out of nickel and dime packages, but were limited in those roles.  Each have their own little niches that are substantial positives as being the #2 corner.  Keenan is the better route follower.  Brown is the more physical.  Allen is the fastest of the three.  Other than the running back battle, this will be the next biggest thing to follow in camp come August.  It’s March – we’ve got workouts and mini-camps until then.  5 months.  Now is a good a time as any to make predictions!  What say you, Steelers Nation?  Who gets the spot come Week 1?