Steeler Bronco Opener in Mile High Possible


I’m amazed on a daily basis the ability of the NFL, a bunch of grown men, to create drama. It’s beginning to rival story lines on daytime TV, and if you know how bad those are… twins with two fathers, memories erased then burned to DVD, finding out you are your best friend’s father.  Please Mr. Irsay, was your tweet about Luck not being a Lock in Indy really necessary? It was nearly as eye rolling as last year when you hinted you were in Hattiesburg.

Steelers Digest and then later the Denver Post reported that the Broncos are likely to face Pittsburgh in their 2012 home opener. On NBC Sunday night. Great, just what I wanted, a season starting out with a heavy dose of Chris Collinsworth. For the lead up we will see promo after promo painting this as the dramatic rematch from the AFC wildcard, which OK it is, but it isn’t.  How can it be when a good portion of the staring personnel for both sides will be different.

No doubt all eyes, and telescopic lenses, will be on Peyton. Is he the same master of the game? How has he gelled with Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker? More importantly, will Pittsburgh’s reconstructed defense be prepared?  It’s a good bet that Manning will complete more than just ten passes. With core guys like Harrison and Woodley finally healthy, and Troy back to patrolling like a panther, it could get interesting, especially since Peyton is a pocket passer and is zero threat to run. Harrison had his number back in the 05 AFC playoffs. James is finally back to working out after a little hiatus in Disney. He tweeted out a pic of him next to a wee bitty pretty princess. It was just wrong, the man stands out like an intelligent statement on ochocinco’s twitter.

The real test will be in the secondary where Manning can pick you apart. Guys like Lewis and Brown are going to have to step up against one of the best. Can they get dialed into Manning and generate some confusion?

Won’t it be a sigh of relief to see a healthy Ben again? Von Miller and the rest of the Orange Crush will be a test for Redman and our young  backs. Redman rushed for over 100 yds in that wildcard game, hopefully he gets the nod this year and will continue his productivity.

It’s a looooong five months away. And the game isn’t even a sure deal. Someone may decide that Manning v Brady is more media friendly and trump the whole thing. And we may end up in Cleveland on opening day.

Speaking of which….just in case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s good.

Longtime Fan pens letter to the Browns 

One side note, I find it really interesting that their field is still called

the sadness factory

Cleveland Browns Stadium. In a world where people are selling ad space on their shoulders, no one has found it necessary to purchase this gorgeous lake front property and slap a tag on it?  I would think that Kleenex or Jim Beam or Hallmark would be all over that. (yea I know there is some weird clause that prevents the naming rights to the stadium being sold… but its still un-American not to be smothered in logos).