Steelers on a signing frenzy


If thats what you call two guys in two days.

Today Pittsburgh signed WR Jerricho Cotchery to a two year contract.  The 30 year old receiver played much of the 2011 season as the 4th or 5th guy in line to catch the ball. But mid November when Ward was shown his way to the bench, Cotchery moved up. He became a nice outlet for Ben, and finished the season with 16 catches for 237 yards, and two pretty nice grabs in the endzone. This is an excellent move. He’s a fantastic possession receiver and will continue to fill in where Ward left off.

So it looks like the Steelers are set for a pretty solid receiving core, assuming Wallace stays put over the next nine days. Add in Brown and Sanders and that all adds up to one dangerous set of play makers. Woowee! I’m excited just thinking about it.

Speaking of Mike Wallace, he’s been involved in a little Twitter-ness these past few days. The CBS newscaster of the same name  – Mike Wallace passed away this weekend. And of course there were a myriad of reports on his storied career and untimely passing. Guy was a stand up reporter, always one to take his camera right into the heart of the story and demand answers, but in a nice reporterly way.

Anyway, in this day and age, where we have more news outlets than electrical outlets, I’m quite surprised at the confusion. I mean we are not waiting around for some guy on a horse with a lantern to tell us the British are coming. We don’t need to wait until the morning edition hits the streets to see the news. All you have to do is Google. Or pay attention.  There is no need to speculate on something that can be so easily confirmed. And yet there were a slew of people who somehow only heard “Mike Wallace died” and then chose to ignore the three minutes of pre and post words surrounding that tidbit that likely mentioned his long and prosperous news career and hosting duties of 60 minutes,  because they were too busy trying to DVR Swamp People. Its like the husband with selective hearing – wife says “can you pick up Johnny at four tomorrow?” he only hears “Pick Four” and heads over to Sunoco for a scratch off.

Here is an example of a tweet from one guy who I plan to try to sell some magic beans to:   “Did Steelers Mike Wallace die? I was told he did. Is that true?”

I would say, hello Sir, yes I am telling you they are magic. Yes, its true.

And some late breaking news…. CBS sports is reporting that Wallace isnt interested in signing a one year tender offer (about 3 million)from the Steelers. Seems the two sides can’t find any common ground, maybe meaning the Steelers arent going to cough up $132 million Megatrons that Mike wants. Sure he can always hold out, but that never ends well… I might see wait to see what Google has to say.