How Would You Rate The Steelers FA Signings This Week?


The Steelers awoke from their off season slumber with four quality signings.  And ‘quality’ really isn’t a stretch when describing the players the Steelers put on the roster.  Remember, there are no backups on the Steelers.  Only ‘starters in waiting.’  Regardless of semantics, the signings are a step in the right direction.

The offensive line needs not only good starters, but because the team appears to be absolutely cursed with OL injuries, the team also needs solid backups who can play multiple positions.  Those acquisitions came when signing Legursky and Essex.  Signing Leonard Pope was another good offseason move.  With Saunders suspended for four games at the beginning of the season, the Steelers will need a TE a bit better than David Johnson.  Granted, the Steelers seem to have put the writing on the wall by tendering Johnson and signing Pope, but there’s no guarantee during camp.  Pope has played with Haley for a long time, both in ‘Zona and in Kansas City.  To sign with the Steelers and with Haley at the helm of the offense, must mean there’s something good about Haley and his relationship with his players.  And finally Jerricho Cotchery is back again.  Hines Ward’s fresh replacement is sure to continue forming chemistry with the team and should increase his production within the receiving core.

So what does everyone else out there think?