Steeler Nation All A BUZZ Over New Throwback Uniforms


Aye Dios Mio! The Steelers have a habit of coming up with some ‘interesting’ throwback uniforms.  The most notable uniform being their last with the black jersey and gold helmet variety.  That was to commemorate their 75th anniversary.  The occasion for this new throwback look is for the organization’s 80th year in existence.  The uniforms harken back to the 1934 Pittsburgh Pirates.  The 2-10 Pittsburgh Pirates.  This uniform has not been worn since that inaugural season – and perhaps good reason?

I’m not feelin’ these uniforms.  Some refer to them as prison uniforms – from your friendly city of Baltimore, go figure.  Some refer to them  as just plain ugly.  One Twitterer said that they are uglier than the Browns’ uniforms – finally something they beat us at.  Me?  Well you can tell from the picture above how I feel about them.  Go ahead, let the bad puns begin – This new uniform really stings the eyes, the new look is sweeter than honey, I wonder if the rookies will bee happy to wear these uniforms, rumor has it that Roethlisberger got hives after trying his on, so on and so forth.

All Redman needs is antennae on the helmet and a stinger on his rear.  Throw in a little Spanglish, and Redman could be a knock off of the Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons.  Hmmmm… I wonder how Bumblebee Man blocks on a pass rush?  Anyone have his agent’s number?