Steelers Draft Coverage: Lock And Load For The Week Ahead


We are officially one week away from the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  *pause for heart palpitations*  And don’t think that because we aren’t there, NPC won’t give you the best damn coverage they can leading up to draft day, during draft day, and for when the dust settles.  We are gearing up for what should be a great week ahead.  The site will be full tilt, so be sure to visit often for your draft news and rumors – for as much as that stuff comes in.

Here’s a breakdown of some things to be on the lookout for:

Tuesday night, NPC Radio will be live to talk about the draft – join me and some of the other staff writers of NPC as we break down the draft from the Steelers perspective.  How does the big board look?  Could the Steelers trade up in Round 1?  Could the trade out of Round 1?  What happens if Dont’a Hightower is gone by pick #24?  Listen in and give us a call on the listener line!

Wednesday, Dom will give us his final thoughts on the draft before we head into Thursday.  He’s been giving us great coverage for two months now on prospects for all teams especially the Steelers.  Dom’s certainly done his homework and then some.  Will there be a shakeup in the final board from Dom?  Be sure to check it out!

Thursday – the big day.  Be sure to join us here live as the draft unfolds.  Still working out the details, but we will have a live chat setup for all of you to join the chorus of boos as Goodell takes the stage each time.  It’s all fair game as we watch each team invest in the future or throw it all away.  As a side note: Starting Monday, we’ll be posting a draft contest that will be open until the draft starts – more details to follow on that, so be watchful.

Friday we’ll continue our coverage of the draft live as the second and third rounds take place.

Saturday we’ll finish up the draft and kick it over to NPC Radio.  Join me and the staff once again as we break down each pick the Steelers made and begin to look into our magical crystal ball.

So – make sure you keep checking back for all your draft info and reactions.  We hope you are as excited about this draft as we are.  And we hope to see you around for the next week and beyond.