Steeler Fans are you Ready?


I know I am. I’m ready to jump into the 2012 season and get this party started. No more speculation. No more will they or wont they. No more questions. Its time.

Will YOU be tuning in on Thursday night?  Despite ridicule from my girlfriends, I will be watching the Draft. Yes ridicule. Last year when they were all setting alarms for ungodly early morning hours to watch the royal wedding, I was burning the midnight oil to see who we were taking in the first round. I figured chances for longevity were in Cam Heyward’s favor when up against an English monarchy marriage.

For me the Draft has always been a bit intimidating, so many players to decipher, possibilities to consider, pieces to fit together.   So in thinking about the broadcast I figured a little planning could help the night go more smoothly. Here are my tips for watching the Draft to get the most out of it. I encourage you to take these with a grain of salt and maybe even the whole margarita.  Or just go right to number 7.

1.  Skip the first part of the broadcast. I say this for many reasons, but mainly because there is nothing that will happen in that first half hour that I don’t already know. Luck will go to Indy, RG3 to the skins. Done. That’s thirty solid minutes I can spend doing something productive. Also, I will miss being subjected to Godell’s heartfelt sentiment ridiculously transparent message to the fans.

2. I figure the action really starts at pick number three . This is when I’ll start paying attention. The stage is set for a lot of movement, backward movement likely. I’m always intrigued by the wheel’n and deal’n that can go on in these fleeting moments.

3. Cheer when a team goes rogue and picks someone unexpected… and there is mad scrambling by the network to find tape and stats on the guy.  Test the experts and make the commentators really earn those paychecks.

4. Drink every time Mel says “let’s look at the tape” or Jon Gruden says “I call this guy (fill in the blank)”.  Yes, I’ll probably go through about a case, case and a half, if I stay true to this idea. Note to self to rethink this….

5. Cringe and then mute the legions of obnoxious fans from NY and Philly who dress up in full on football gear, complete with face paint. While I can appreciate a FAN, it’s not the playoffs guys.  I’m not sure how many chants of J-E-T-S I can take in one night.  The smarter fans takes $500 and buys a seat on the 50 yard line for the real action. Just sayin…

6. Watch with my eyes closed. So that I, unlike everyone else tuned in, will actually be surprised when the pick gets announced. Instead of, four minutes before, seeing the guy answer his phone and talk to his future employer. Then get up and hug the forty people he’s brought along to share this moment. All before his name has even been announced. Call me old fashioned but I HATE this part. Can they not make the phone call afterwards?

7. Tune into NPC (right here folks!!) for the Draft Chat. These guys know their stuff and have amazing insight into the picks. If you missed the Pod Cast last night, take a listen. Tons of great info and insight.

Here. We. Go!