Steelers Rival Terrell Suggs Could Be Out For 2012 Season


Correction:  Suggs sent a text to ESPN after this post was originally published to say that he tore his achilles during conditioning drills and not while playing basketball.

Your favorite T-Sizzle and mine could possibly be out for the entire 2012 season due to a torn achilles tendon while playing basketball.  Twitter is all fired up, but Schefter broke the news first earlier this morning.  Whether out for the season or a late return, this does not bode well for the Ravens.  And, it could spell relief for the Steelers.

Deemed the ugliest man in football (by me), Suggs has most recently been a pain (quite literally) for the Steelers offense and Ben Roethlisberger.  Suggs has racked up 5.5 sacks and 1 INT in his last 4 games against the Steelers.  His tackles are timely – in the sense that he broke up a play or sacked Big Ben at the right time to kill the drive.

Suggs is 30 this year.  Achilles tears are some of the hardest to come back from.  Everyone, including myself, is wondering if he will ever be the same once he returns.  Suggs thinks he can be back in October.  But, will he just be a shell of himself?  Or will he continue to be a force to reckon with whomever plays the Ravens?

I don’t think this makes winning the AFC North any easier.  It could mean the difference between a sack or a deep pass to Antonio Brown for a game winning touchdown.  But I guarantee that the rival will still be just as heated.  Suggs will still run his ugly mouth every week up to each contest with the Steelers.  And, the two teams will beat the piss out of each other twice in 2012.