Mike Adams To Start At Left Tackle For Steelers


The offensive line became a clearer picture when Willie Colon (not to be called or confused as William or Will) confirmed that he would be moving over to left guard from right tackle.  I had speculated in a late post yesterday that it was possible the Steelers could green light rookie Mike Adams to start at left tackle.

Ed ‘Watch the Perm’ B of the PPG reported today that sources close to coach Mike Tomlin told Eddie that Mike Adams will indeed start at left tackle.  Of course his tenure there is dependent upon his performance in camp.  Something tells me it won’t be that much of a problem.  Adams has a ton to prove and will make every effort out there to not just secure a spot at LT, but to start there.

And with that, Steeler Nation has a complete picture for the starters on the offensive line.  So what does that mean for Max Starks.  It’s a subject that I keep bringing up, but much like with Hines Ward, the Steelers have to decide if it is worth bringing back a vet who is no longer a starter, will more than likely back someone up, and take a significant role as a mentor rather than a player.  Starks was only signed a one year deal last season, and so the Steelers can offer him the vet minimum once again this season.  I think he’s worth the trouble, and should be highly considered in bringing back  (do I sound too much like Roethlisberger???).  I even think he’s worth the extra roster spot if they need to make room.

What are your thoughts on Adams starting at LT?  And, should the Steelers bring Starks back?